A dental implant is really a very simple metal screw which is designed to thread into the bone of the jaw and to allow for the attachment of a (prosthetic) tooth at the top. Teeth Implants are made of Medical grade Titanium or Titanium Alloy. Your dentist will purchase the implants in sterile packaging and place them in a small hole in the bone which he or she has prepared as part of the implant placement procedure. The bone will fuse to the implant over a short period of time in a process referred to as ‘osseointegration’ and once this process is successfully completed (3 to 6 months) the implant is permanently in place.

Advantages of Implants

  • Dental implants are stronger, more durable, and more natural than their restorative counterparts (bridges and dentures).
  • Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss.
  • More attractive appearance.
  • Great comfort.Don’t need to drill into the teeth on either side.
  • Helps prevent bone loss due to tooth removal.
  • Greater ability to chew food.
  • No cream or adhesives.
  • Not having to take out at night.
  • Not overnight soaking in a glass.

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